LWRN is a nonprofit enterprise, so it will not be dependent on commercial sales. Instead, much like public radio, it will be supported through memberships in the Liberty Works Radio Network Fellowship, at a cost of just 10 Federal Reserve Notes (commonly but erroneously called “dollars”) a month for members who choose to contribute monthly, or just 99 Federal Reserve Notes per year for members who contribute annually! As few as 5,000 members would fund the purchase of a non-commercial FM radio station (which will be the base for expansion) and a satellite uplink to feed the network, so Liberty Works Radio Network could be on the air if only a small percentage of those already involved in the Patriot community joined the LWRN Fellowship.

Not only does this plan significantly lower start-up costs, it also greatly reduces the cost of expanding the network. This is because, instead of needing expensive commercial stations to broadcast into large markets, non-commercial stations can use less expensive “translators” to extend their broadcast range. Translators are devices that mount on existing radio towers, and rebroadcast the programming from the original station. These translators allow non-commercial stations to broadcast into large cities at a fraction of what stations in those markets would cost. (For example, 94.9 FM in Montville, CT broadcasts over Hartford and New Britain; 96.5 FM in Gloucester, MA covers Boston. Asking prices last year for these translators were just $25,000 and $31,000, respectively — a small fraction of the cost of radio stations in the same areas.) Just as important, the operating overhead of translators is also considerably less than an actual radio station, which means faster expansion of the network at much less cost! And that translates into reaching our end goal of re-establishing Constitutional government that much quicker.

Partnership with a commercial station. The satellite uplink that will be used to feed Liberty Works Radio Network will consist of two monaural channels — one commercial and one non-commercial. The non-commercial channel will be the one supplying LWRN stations and translators with programming. At the same time, the commercial channel will be supplying the same programming to commercial stations, which will not be part of Liberty Works Radio Network. However, the revenues from commercials, as well as the revenues from providing programming to the affiliate commercial stations, will be used to fund the normal operating costs of the entire network. This can be achieved through partnering with an existing commercial station, owned and operated by Sab Cupelli, who has been involved in radio and broadcasting most of his life.

With the operating expenses of the network covered by the commercial station and its affiliates, the funds generated by the membership of the Liberty Works Radio Network Fellowship can be used to expand the non-commercial network. As membership grows, so will the network’s reach, as broadcasting awakens more and more of our countrymen and expose them to the truth they need to hear if we are to save our Republic. Increased exposure of the public to patriot news and informative analysis — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — will lead to increased membership, which will keep the cycle going, until the message of individual liberty and limited government is spread from sea to shining sea.

The time for LWRN is now. Many Americans are suffering under the Federal Reserve’s inflationary system and the unconstitutional “wars” waged for the benefit of powerful businesses. Tens of thousands of Americans contributed to the Ron Paul presidential campaign (Paul is the only member of Congress who has consistently obeyed and defended the Constitution), which shows that a significant minority have started to take notice of their dwindling liberty. The state of the economy will soon force other Americans to take note, and the time has never been more ripe to introduce them to the founding principles of our Republic.

In addition, a variety of hosts and programs have already been lined up for the network, including Constitutional attorney Larry Becraft, attorney and TruthAttack.org founder Tommy Cryer, to name just a few. More hosts can be found on the right menu bar.

All It Takes Is Pennies A Day! As you can see, this is a workable plan. And all it takes from each of us is 27¢ a day. You read that right — TWENTY-SEVEN CENTS! Our brave forebears pledged their lives and their fortunes to establish our Constitutional Republic, and many willingly paid that price. But to help save that Republic, all that’s needed from you right now is pennies a day, payable in one convenient installment of $99 a year. How else can you give such a great gift of knowledge to your neighbors, friends, relatives, and fellow citizens for so little?

JOIN NOW by mailing your membership fee with this application to P.O. Box 91, Westminster, MD 21158.